Property Lookup

Legal Notice: Destruction of Unclaimed Property

The Rio Rancho Police Department intends to dispose of unclaimed property that was collected during the regular course of business. The legal owners of these items are either unknown or have failed to respond to all attempts to contact them. If you are the rightful owner of an item included on the list below contact the Evidence Unit at (505) 891-5954 Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm. Proof of ownership as well as verification of eligibility via background questions will be required prior to the return of any property. Any items listed as Found/Safekeeping Property not claimed within 60 days of this notice will be destroyed pursuant to state law.  Seized property from adjudicated cases will be posted for two consecutive weeks before disposal. Furthermore, if you believe that the Rio Rancho Police Department is holding property belonging to you that is not listed please feel free to contact us.

Posted: 2/1/18 - Found/Safekeeping Property

Item Type
 Case #
 Owner Name (if known)
Knife/Us Currency
  17007893 Erik Montoya
Clothes, knife, phone, drill

Small cloth camo ammo bag
18000892 Paul Souter
Firearm Glock, mag, case
18000900 Roberta Tahe
Shoes, cell phone case
Keys, bottle opener
shopping tag
Backpack misc property
18001003 Kevin Newton
Medicine   18001039 John Jones
Ammo   18001051  
Bags Misc property
18001099 Caridad Cruz
Bags Misc property
18001102 Noah Wood
Money   18001113 Estevon Chavez
  18001050 Nancy Strong/Harlene Reed
Personal Property
  18001228 Daniel McGrew
Personal Items
  18001292 Adrian Marquez
Personal Property
  18001386 Henry Anaya
Backpack   18001433 Briana Pino
Firearm Revolver/Speedloader 18001468  
Prybar, knife
medicine 18001475 Adam Franklin
Cigarettes   18001496 Anthony Cartelli
2 way radio
Black/yellow 18001511  
Firearm Mag/ammo 18001518