Safe Traffic Operations Program/Automated Traffic Enforcement


The use of automated traffic enforcement equipment (mobile speed monitoring units) is intended to assist the Rio Rancho Police Department with their law enforcement efforts.


The vendor selected by the City via a request for proposal (RFP) process and approved by the Governing Body to provide automated traffic enforcement services in Rio Rancho is Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc.

The City’s agreement with Redflex has no up-front capital investment by the City and all maintenance costs for the equipment is provided by Redflex. The city’s Safe Traffic Operations Program is violator-funded for the life of the contract with Redflex.

Mobile Speed Monitoring Equipment Locations

Placement and rotation of eight unmanned mobile speed monitoring units (sport utility vehicles) will be based on citizen input, Police Department data that shows high speeding and collision areas, construction zones, and school zone needs. Units may be moved to different locations in the city several times per day.

Speed violations begin 11 mph above the posted speed limit, except for school zones where violations begin at 5 mph above the posted speed limit.

(Example of Mobile Speed Monitoring Unit)

resized SUV SPEED DSC01334.JPG

Violation Amount

Violations captured by mobile speed monitoring units are $100 in Rio Rancho.

After evidence of violation has been captured and reviewed three times by Redflex, evidence of violation is sent by Redflex to the Rio Rancho Police Department for review.

Once the Rio Rancho Police Department reviews the evidence and determines a violation has occurred, the Police Department gives approval and a violation notice is sent to the registered vehicle owner.


You should make sure the New Mexico Department of Motor Vehicles has your current address. If you have moved and did not provide them with your new address, then you many not receive the notice of violation or may not receive it on time.

Please be advised that if this is the case, you are still responsible and may also be responsible for late fees.

Make sure you mail payment, nominate another person, or request a hearing at least 7 to 10 working days before the due date. If you respond to a notice the day it is due, you will be delinquent and may also be responsible for late fees.

Contact Information

If you have questions regarding the City's Safe Traffic Operations Program, please click here to continue to our non-emergency reporting platform, Report Rio Rancho.