Rio Rancho 360

The Rio Rancho 360 Web page offers citizens increased access to city financial information and other data in one convenient location online.

Budgets, Audits and Other Financial Information

Annual Fiscal Year Budgets

Infrastructure and Capital Improvement Plan (ICIP)

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

Gross Receipts Tax Revenue Monthly Distribution Reports

Community Development Block Grant Federal Funding

*Updated as information is available.

City Employee Salaries

View a listing for the most recent completed fiscal year of all city employees by name, title, and total earnings. A fiscal year runs from July 1-June 30.

City Manager and Department Director Contact Information

City Manager/Administration

City Attorney

City Clerk

Development Services

Financial Services

Fire and Rescue

Human Resources

Information Technology

Library and Information Services

Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department


Public Works


*Updated as information is available.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct Ordinance that is applicable to City of Rio Rancho elected officials, appointed officials, and employees.


View contracts over $5,000 signed by the city since the start of Fiscal Year 2010 with name, amount, date and purpose information listed.

*Contract information will be updated on a quarterly basis.

Elected Official Contact Information

Governing Body (Mayor and City Council) and Municipal Judge

*Updated as information is available.


View the most current schedule of city fees.

*Updated as information is available.

Forms, Fees and Permits

View general building- and business-related forms, fees and permits.

*Updated as information is available.

Government Meetings

View video, agendas and minutes for meetings of the Governing Body, Planning and Zoning Board, Public Infrastructure Advisory Board, and the Parks and Recreation Commission.

View meeting agendas and minutes for the Arts Commission, Capital Improvement Plan Citizen's Advisory Committee, Keep Rio Rancho Beautiful Board, Library Board of Trustees, Lodger's Tax Advisory Board, and Senior Services Advisory Board

*Updated as information is available.


View contracts for state and federal lobbying services.

*Updated as information is available.

Municipal Code

View city charter and listing of city of Rio Rancho ordinances.

*Updated as information is available.

Open Meetings Act Resolution/Policy

View the annual resolution/policy adopted by the Governing Body.

*Updated as information is available.

Personnel Policies and Work Rules

Personnel policies and work rules are applicable to bargaining unit (union), non-union, part-time, grant-funded, managers, and executive employee groups. All employees covered in bargaining units (Police/Dispatch Union, Fire Union, and AFSCME) are also covered under union/collective bargaining agreements (CBAs), which are negotiated with the City specific to each bargaining group. If conflicting language exists between personnel policies and work rules and CBAs or if specific topics are addressed in both personnel policies and work rules and CBAs, the CBA language shall prevail, and for topics not discussed in the respective CBAs, personnel policies and work rules shall prevail.

View (searchable PDF) personnel policies and work rules applicable to all employee groups except for AFSCME bargaining unit employees, effective March 25, 2021/amended Nov. 10, 2021/amended Feb. 27, 2023

View (searchable PDF) personnel policies and work rules applicable to AFSCME bargaining unit employees, effective February 1992 (as amended).

View (searchable PDF) personnel policies for Municipal Court.

*Updated as information is available.

Public Records Inspection Request

View information regarding how to inspect/request public records.

Tax Information

View current city gross receipts tax rate information.

View the most current property tax information available, which is administered by state and county government.

*Updated as information is available.

Travel and Training

View a listing of travel and training expenses dating back from the start of Fiscal Year 2010 with amount, date and description for elected officials (Governing Body and Municipal Judge) and the city manager.

*Travel and training information will be updated on a quarterly basis.

Union Agreements

View the most recent agreements between the city and its employees in the RRPCA (Rio Rancho Police and Communications Association); the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME L3277); and the Rio Rancho Firefighter's Association - International Association of Fire Fighters (RRFA -IAFF L4877). These agreements remain in place until new agreements are negotiated. Documents in searchable PDF.

*Updated as information is available.

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