Driver's Licenses


When visiting an MVD for a NM Driver’s License or NM State ID you will initially be required to prove the following three (3) things:
  1. Who you are (Primary Identification)
  2. Proof of your Social Security Number (Secondary Identification)
  3. Proof of your residence in NM.
There are certain documents that the State of NM has deemed acceptable and verifiable to prove your Primary ID, Secondary ID and Residence . These requirements are to protect you from the growing problem of identity theft and ensure the integrity of the NM MVD database. The name on both Primary ID and Secondary ID MUST match, otherwise you must have supporting documentation for the name change (marriage license, divorce decree or court order for name change). Proof of residence documents must also have the same as Primary ID and Secondary ID and the physical addresses must be the same.

All Drivers’ License applicants must pass an eye exam administered at no fee at the time of application.

There are various types of licensing transactions. For more information, you may select the type of license you interested in by going back to the main MVD page.

See acceptable documents list related to obtaining a REAL ID.