Annual Salary

Non-certified Police Officers will earn $20.80 per hour for Fiscal Year 2022. Upon successful completion of the Police Academy, Field Officer Training and probation, their salary will increase to $23.92 per hour. Certified Police Officers will earn $23.92 per hour to $31.20 per hour, based on experience and training.

Retirement Benefits

The City is a contributor to the Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA) and pays 75% of the employee’s contribution into PERA. Police Officers can retire after 25 years of service at 90% of their annual salary (average of the three highest years).

Medical, Life and Other Insurance Benefits

The City pays 80% of the premium for Health Insurance, including a prescription plan. Coverage is available for family members and domestic partners. Group Dental, Vision, Life, Disability, and supplemental Life insurances are also available for employees and their families/domestic partners.

The City also participates in the New Mexico Retiree Health Insurance Association, which provides for subsidized health insurance for City retirees.

Uniform Allowance

The City provides the cost to all new Police Officers for their initial set of uniforms and minor equipment. The City provides for other major equipment purchases such as weapons and automobiles. After probation, Police Officers are paid $250.00 per quarter in order to maintain their uniforms and equipment.

PTO (Vacation/Sick Leave)

Police Officers receive 22 days (176 hours) of Paid Time Off ("PTO") each year for the first 3 years of employment; 27 days (216 hours) during years 4 through 10; 32 days (256 hours) during years 11 through 15; and 37 days (296 hours) for years 16 through end of employment. PTO can be used for vacation or illness.

Police Officers are eligible to bank and use up to 1,376 hours of PTO to facilitate early retirement.


Police Officers receive 12 (96 hours) paid holidays per year and are paid double their rate of pay when required to work.

Career Advancement Opportunities / Tuition Assistance Traffic, Criminal Investigations, School Resource Officer Program, SWAT, K9, ATV Patrols, and many promotional opportunities are frequently available.

When appropriated by the Governing Body, Tuition Assistance may be available to help defray the costs of higher education.

Take Home Car

Take home cars are provided for Police Officers who live within 25 miles of the City of Rio Rancho.