Neighborhood Streets Project Selection Process

Why wasn’t my road selected as part of the Neighborhood Road work that is taking place now?

Crack sealing and crack patching, currently being implemented, is a treatment that is considered preventative maintenance when it is applied to roads that are in relatively good condition.  This must be done in order to prevent the roads from falling into further disrepair. 

If your road isn’t receiving repair now or isn’t on the list for this year, there are two possible reasons for this:

  1. The first reason is that your road wasn’t selected for this phase, but could be selected next time.  There are 450 center-line miles of roads within the City, which means resources have to spread around to ensure all residents receive maintenance.
  2. The other possibility is that the condition of your road is such where the work needed is more substantial than crack sealing and crack patching.  This more intense work would not be able to be completed by in-house City crews; therefore, it would need to go out to bid, and the cost would be higher than the work currently being completed.

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