Candidate Guide

This guide has been prepared by the Rio Rancho City Clerk for the 2020 Municipal Officer Election to be used by candidates, campaign committees, and individuals either involved or interested in the municipal election process. Pertinent election Information, to include candidate eligibility, voter registration, campaign finance reporting, voting and significant dates are provided by this guide.

To download a PDF version of the Candidate Guide for the 2020 Municipal Officer Election, please click here

General Election Information

The Municipal Officer Election will be held on Tuesday, March 3, 2020. The election will be held to elect the following municipal officers:

  • City Councilor District 1: 4-year term
  • City Councilor District 2: 2-year term (unexpired term)
  • City Councilor District 4: 4-year term
  • City Councilor District 6: 4-year term

Citywide, voters will also be asked to consider two General Obligation Bond ballot questions.

Candidate Qualifications

Pursuant to Article VII, Section 2 of the New Mexico Constitution, the requirements to hold a public office are:

  • Be at least 18 years of age,
  • Be a resident of the City of Rio Rancho,
  • Be registered to vote in the City Rio Rancho, and
  • Have no felony convictions §31-13-1 (E) NMSA 1978.

Residency Requirements

To participate as a candidate in the Municipal Officer Election, an individual must reside within the:

  • City of Rio Rancho when seeking a city-wide office, or
  • Particular council district in the City of Rio Rancho for which they seek election.

For the purpose of determining the residence of a person desiring to be a candidate for the nomination or election to an office under the provisions of the Election Code, permanent residence shall be resolved in favor of that place shown on the person's certificate of registration as his permanent residence, provided the person resides on the premises. §1-1-7.1, NMSA 1978

If you feel you meet these requirements and are interested in participating as a District 1, 2,  4, or 6 candidate in the Municipal Officer Election, please click here.