Campaign Finance Reporting

Campaign Finance Guide

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Campaign Finance Report Packet

Each candidate and campaign committee is required to file a disclosure of all contributions received and expenditures made for their campaign using this set of forms.

  • Campaign Statement Declaration: This form shall be filed by each candidate or campaign committee that receives either contributions or expenditures equaling less than two hundred and fifty dollars ($250) instead of a campaign finance report for the reporting period.
  • Statement of No Activity: This form shall be filed instead of a campaign finance report when a candidate or campaign committee has not received contributions or made expenditures for any given reporting period.
  • Independent Expenditure Registration FormEach person, organization or entity who has made independent expenditures exceeding five hundred dollars ($500) or more in the aggregate during an election shall register with the City Clerk within seven (7) days of meeting such monetary threshold, using this form. In no case shall the registration occur later than the date on which the dissemination of the campaign advertisement financed by the independent expenditure was initiated.
    1. What is an independent expenditure? An expenditure made by any person, organization, or entity that meets each of the following:

      1. totals five hundred dollars ($500) or more in the aggregate;

      2. is made within sixty (60) days before an election – January 3, 2020;

      3. for the purpose of paying for any form of campaign advertisement which advocates for the election or defeat of a clearly identified candidate or adoption or defeat of a clearly identified ballot question, or refers to a clearly identified candidate or ballot question;

      4. is disseminated to the City of Rio Rancho electorate for an election in which the candidate or ballot question is on the ballot, and

      5. is not made at the request or suggestion of, or in cooperation or consultation with a candidate, a representative of a candidate or the candidate’s campaign committee.