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“Oh No, I Read Too Fast” Syndrome: How to Find Your Next Author


We know there are some readers in Rio Rancho that feel the symptoms like we do but have no name for it. The “Oh No, I Read Too Fast” syndrome cannot be found on MedlinePlus (an excellent health database you can find here), but it exists. When a patron comes into the library having just finished a book or series and needs something new, we go into Librarian mode.


For instance, imagine you had just finished reading the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. Did you like the time travel aspect? Did you like the, at times, prickly romance? Have you developed an interest in Scotland? We might say, “Try Doomsday Book, in the Oxford Time Travel series by Connie Willis, Time and Again by Jack Finney, or Bid Time Return sometimes found as Somewhere in Time by Richard Matheson.”


Of course, there is always the option of going to the Rio Rancho Public Libraries’ catalog and typing in “time travel.” That will bring up a great list of time travel books available at the library. Your search will also link you to NoveList, a book database with read-alike recommendations right there.



There are also some great websites available for helping to find new authors. One we use at the library is The home page features shiny covers of new books with the author, title, series (if applicable), and book number in the series. When you click on the book cover, you’ll get a blurb and you’ll see what formats are available and when. For readers who like a particular author’s style, there is a helpful section with similar books by other authors. It will also identify the genre, like science fiction, historical or thriller. 


If you typed in Diana Gabaldon, there is brief information about Ms. Gabaldon and the genres she usually writes in. There follows a list of her books by series, then individual novels, novellas, awards, etc. A fun option is “the author recommends” section. The recommendations are only a sentence long, but if you like an author, you might enjoy her reviews.


On the Fantastic Fiction homepage, you can click on “Countries” and get a list of countries to choose from with authors from those locations. People going on vacation have used this option to read an author from the place they will visit (or just returned from).


Another option on Fantastic Fiction is “Coming Soon.” Choose a genre (or search all genres) and a time frame, ranging from 7 to 90 days. Information on upcoming releases during that time frame is presented, so you can be hopeful a favorite author has a book coming up.


We sometimes feel a bit of melancholy when a delightful book is done, like the last sip of coffee, the last potato chip in the bag. However, we have found more authors to read on   Thankfully, fellow readers, the storytelling never ends.