Affordable Housing Study


As part of Mayor Hull’s FY 2022 budget response, $75,000 was recommended to be allocated for an Affordable Housing Study. The Study was ultimately approved by the Governing Body as part of FY 22 budget adoption (May and July 2021). As a result, City of Rio Rancho staff, through an RFP process, began working with the National Development Council (NDC) in order to collect information about the community and develop a study to be presented to the Governing Body for potential future planning and development.

The City of Rio Rancho is pursuing an Affordable Housing Study aimed at developing a roadmap that guides actions to improve the availability, affordability, and quality of housing within the City.

The study is in its beginning phases. A public opinion survey was open to the public between June 23, 2022 to July 25, 2022 in order to solicit initial input on the topic of housing in the City of Rio Rancho. A total of 667 surveys were completed, and the results were discussed at a series of four public forum meetings. The first three meetings were held in-person at the Meadowlark Senior Center, Broadmoor Senior Center, and the Star Heights Recreation Center on September 28th and 29th. The last meeting took place virtually on October 4th. The presentation given at the Public Forum Meetings is included below: 



The development of an Affordable Housing Plan is needed to assess the housing requirements in Rio Rancho and to provide recommendations for addressing those needs. 

This study is required by the New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority and must comply the New Mexico Affordable Housing Act per the Mortgage Finance Authority Act, NMSA 1978, § 58-18-1 et. seq. and pursuant to the Affordable Housing Act, NMSA 1978, §6-27-1 et. seq., the enabling legislation that exempts affordable housing from the Anti -Donation clause of the New Mexico State Constitution. Under the Act, municipalities wishing to donate, provide incentives or pay all or a portion of the costs of affordable housing (including land, acquisition, renovation, financing, or infrastructure) must have in place an Affordable Housing Plan and an affordable housing ordinance.

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