How am I notified that my property is in a SAD?

The address used for the mailing list is obtained from the County Assessor’s Office.Therefore, the mailing are sent to the same persona and address that the County Property Tax bills are sent.It is thus in your best interest to contact the County Tax Assessor’s Office to verify that they have the correct name and contact information.It is best if you provide them with both the physical address (if one exists) and the legal address.For the legal address be sure to provide the Unit Number, Block Number, and Lot Number of each lot of concern.

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1. What is a Special Assessment District (SAD)?
2. Why does the developer not have to build the required infrastructure?
3. How am I notified that my property is in a SAD?
4. When will I be notified that my property is in a SAD?
5. What if I want some of the infrastructure improvements but not all?
6. Can I get more improvements than those proposed?
7. Why does it cost me extra money to have a SAD than someone else who already has the infrastructure?
8. How much will my assessment be?
9. When do I have to pay my assessment?
10. How long do I have to pay the assessment?
11. What is the interest rate if I decide not to pay the assessment during the cash pay period?