How do I read my water meter?

In Rio Rancho, most water meters are located in the front yard. In the older subdivisions, the meter is under a round, plastic or metal lid.In the newer subdivisions, the meter is under a rectangular, gray fiberglass lid and you might share this meter box with your neighbor. However, you do not share the meter itself. Please be careful when opening the lid to the meter. There may be wires attached to the antenna; or spiders, or snakes may be residing in the meter can.

Rio Rancho meters read in gallons of water and they resemble a car odometer. The numbers listed below the word “Gallons” are in thousands of gallons that you have used since the meter has been installed. You will read the meter from left to right. See a picture of a Water MeterPDF. You can also use your meter as a leak detector. To find out how to do this please visit our Detect and Fix Leaks page.

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1. How do I read my water meter?
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