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Neighborhood Survey

  1. Vista Entrada neighborhood map
    Vista Entrada
  2. Proposed Overlay Zone

    An overlay zone is a planning and zoning regulatory tool which creates an additional zoning district, placed over an existing base zone, that identifies special provisions in addition to those in the underlaying base zone. The existing zoning of R-1: Single-Family Residential would remain as the base zone and all the requirements of that zoning district such as allowable uses, building heights, and setbacks laid out in Rio Rancho Municipal Code Section 154.08 and 154.50 would still apply.

    The proposed overlay zone would include the following language:

    To prohibit subdivisions, excluding lot consolidations, of all the subject properties listed herein.

    Subdivisions would include the division of any lot or tract of land into two or more lots for any purpose. Lot consolidation, joining two lots together into one lot, would still be allowable.

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