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Interlibrary Loan

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  2. Interlibrary Loan Policy
    1. Patrons must have a library card in good standing in order to borrow through Interlibrary loan. 2. Patrons agree to pay any costs charged by the lending library. Patrons will be notified of a charge before the item is requested. *Interlibrary Loans that involve mail insurance will be recouped from the patron at $10 per item mailed. 3. Patrons are asked to allow 2-6 weeks for delivery of items. 4. Renewals of Interlibrary loan items are referred to the Interlibrary Loan Library Assistant. Renewals are at the discretion of the lending library and not always possible. Please notify us at least 5 days prior to your due date for a renewal. 5. The checkout period for books obtained from other libraries through Interlibrary Loan is determined by the lending library. 6. RRPL patrons who lose or damage Interlibrary Loan materials belonging to other libraries are responsible for paying for those items If a patron cannot or will not return an Interlibrary Loan item, a bill is requested from the lending library. A copy of the bill is presented to the Interlibrary Loan patron. The patron's library card will be blocked until the bill is paid.
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