Parks, Bike Paths, Open Space and Trails

The City of Rio Rancho has a number of parks, bike paths, open space, and trails throughout the city. To learn more about each of these amenities click on the links below.

If you need additional information please contact the city's Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department by calling them at 505-891-5015.

Bosque Open Space Integrated Management Plan  

In June 2015, the Rio Rancho Bosque Integrated Management Plan (The Plan) was prepared for the City of Rio Rancho Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department (PRCSD). The Plan is intended to guide the development of future work in the Rio Rancho Bosque Open Space (Rio Rancho Bosque) with the objectives of promoting restoration, recreation, education, preservation and maintenance. In particular, the Plan describes the histroy of the Bosque ecosystem, details the existing conditions, and identifies opportunities for improvements.

Please click on the following link for more information about the Bosque Open Space Integrated Management Plan

Bosque (2)

Bike Paths 

Map: Rio Rancho bike path for north side of Rio Rancho
Map: RIo Rancho bike path for south side of Rio Rancho
Dam Site 1 - 4921 Dolores Hidalgo Dr. SE

Dog Parks

Click on the following link to view a list of dog parks.

Map Finder 

The following link has interactive maps highlighting City of Rio Rancho parks, recreation facilities, and bike ways

Open Space

Cherry Open Space - Cherry Rd.


A Park Above - 2441 Westside Court
Alpine Xeriscape Park- 4536 Alpine Ct. SE
Ann Park - 1433 Ann Circle SE
Big Brothers Big Sisters Park- North Hills Subdivision, located off of 17th Avenue Circle
Cabezon Park- 2307 Cabezon Blvd. SE
Campus Park - 2516 King Blvd.
Canyon Park- 1739 Blueberry Dr. NE
Cielo Grande Park- 2815 Box Lake Drive 
Cielo Vista Park- 633 Pecos Loop SE
Clayton Meadows Park- 620 Clayton Meadows Dr. NE
Clearview Park- 3107 21st Ave. SE
Enchanted Hills Park- 7201 Enchanted Hills Blvd. NE
Gateway Park - 2312 19th Street SE
Haynes Park- 2006 Grande Blvd. SE
Havasu Park- 3535 Havasu Falls St. NE
High Range Park - 1901 40th Street 
King Meadows Park- 3601 King Blvd. NE
Leon Grande Park- 4501 Leon Grande SE
Loma Colorado Park- 755 Loma Colorado Blvd. NE
Los Milagros Park- 400 Colorado Mountain Rd. NE
Los Montoyas Park- 3701 Camino de Los Montoyas
Mountain View Park- 6441 Grayson Hills Dr. NE
Nicklaus Park- 1000 Nicklaus Dr. SE
North Hills Park - 1901 Strawberry Dr. NE
Olympus Park - 500 Quantum Rd. SE
Rainbow Park - 301 Southern Blvd. SE
Rio Rancho Sports Complex - 3501 High Resort Blvd. SE
Rio Vista Park- 1670 Riverside Dr. NE
Roadrunner Park- 4921 Dolores Hidalgo Dr. SE
Sabana Heights Park- 999 Benjamin Dr. SE
Sierra Norte II Park- Between Penasco Rd. and Questa Road
Snead Park- 601 Snead Park Loop
Sports Complex North - 3616 Chayote Rd. NE
Star Heights Park- 800 Polaris Blvd. SE
Sugar Park - 500 Sugar Rd. SE
Trailhead Park- Corrales Rd. and Grey Hawk Dr.
Veja Baja Park- 303 Veja Baja Dr. SE
Veterans Monument Park - 950 Pinetree Road
Vista Grande Park- 6901 Husky Dr. NE
Vista Hills Park- 411 Rockaway Blvd. NE
Vista Sandia Park- 100 Parkside Rd. SE
Water Wise Demonstration Garden- 950 Pinetree Road SE
Western Winds Park - 2260 Zaragoza Rd. SE
Zia Park - 3245 Zia St. NE

Prescription Trails

The Rio Rancho Prescription Trails Program Provides prescriptions for walking and wheelchair rolling and a walking guide that suggests routes in our community targeting and promoting healthy lifestyles for individuals and families.  Please click on the following link for more information about Prescription Trails

Prescription Trails Map
Please review a dynamic map of all of the Prescription Trails in Rio Rancho.

Report Rio Rancho

Report Rio Rancho is an online and mobile service request system for the City of Rio Rancho. Report Rio Rancho allows residents and businesses to identify issues and report those service requests directly to the City. Please click on the following link to go to the Report Rio Rancho homepage. 


Bosque Trail - Riverside Dr. and Allegheny Dr.
Enchanted Hills Path- Between Chayote Rd. & Sprint Blvd.
Los Rios Trail- Rio Vista Dr. and Rio Ruidose Rd.
Trailhead Trail- Corrales Rd. and Grey Hawk Dr.
Willow Creek Trail- Willow Creek Rd.

For directions on how to get to each of the locations listed on this Web page please view the city's facility maps or visit MapQuest.