Campus Park and Sky Room Amphitheater

Located in City Center, 2516 King Blvd. NE (King Blvd. accessible from Unser Blvd. or Paseo del Volcan), Campus Park is a multipurpose, community outdoor gathering space that is a destination for people taking part in city events, concert performances, and more. On a daily basis, the park is a destination for college students, those working in City Center, and for residents.  As of July 2021, Phase 1 of 2 for Campus Park is constructed. The park is approximately 6 acres.


The Sky Room at Campus Park has been widely recognized for its outstanding architecture. 

  • 2021, Honor Award by the American Institute of Architects: the Sky Room was recocognized for its distinctive architecture and received the Honor Award, the highest level of award, for architectural achievement and outstanding merit. 
  • 2022, Contemporary Architecture in the Southwest by the University of New Mexico School of Architecture and the Thornburg Foundation: the Sky Room received the top prize, which acknowledges architecture in the Four Corners states that broadens the definition of Southwestern architecture.
  • 2022, Distinguished Architecture Award by the American Institute of Architects: the Sky Room received the top award for architectural design.


Sky Room Performance Space 
Elevated Amphitheater seating
5 grass event lawns
Walking paths
Water fountain
Meditation Maze
Shaded picnic tables
Site lighting
Handicap Accessible
Parking Lot
Sustainable landscaping

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