Donating Pet Items

With your generous donation the Rio Rancho Animal Resource Center (ARC) can continue our mission of helping abandoned pets receive the veterinary care, comfort, food, and rehoming until forever homes are found. Rio Rancho’s abandoned pets need our protection and the ultimate happiness is making sure they all find a safe forever home. We’re so grateful that you’ve chosen to donate to the Rio Rancho Animal Resource Center. 

There are a couple of ways you can support the Rio Rancho Animal Resource Center (ARC). 
  1. Make a one-time or a reoccurring monthly monetary donation by visiting
  2. Donate items directly to the Rio Rancho Animal Resource Center. Check out our “wish list” for specific items we’re looking for. 

Our Wish List

  • Rope toys (all sizes) 
  • Kongs (all sizes) 
  • Cat toys
  • Tennis balls 
  • Hard plastic small dog beds (that we can put a fleece blanket in)
  • Small cloth pet beds (for cats) 
  • Kuranda beds (dogs medium or large size) 
  • Throw size fleece blankets
  • Cat (cardboard box style taxi for transport) 
  • Petmate, 2 door top load pet kennels (either size) 
Food and Treats
  • Cat and kitten dry and wet canned food (any brand) 
  • Small dog breed dry and canned wet food (Pedigree or Purina preferred) 
  • Puppy canned wet food (Pedigree or Purina preferred) 
  • Medium or large dog canned wet dog food (Pedigree or Purina preferred) 
  • Treats for both dogs and cats (any brand) 
  • Diamond brand high protein, high-energy sporting dog food
Supplies Used in Kennels
  • Any type of high efficiency (HE) laundry soap
  • Dawn dish soap 
  • Rolls of paper towels
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Gently used bath towels
  • Stainless steel food pails and stainless steel trays
  • 13 gallon garbage bags
  • Hand sanitizer

Unaccepted Items 

Rio Rancho citizens always have their heart in the right place, but even with good intentions not all items can be donated. We cannot accept the following items. 

  • Homemade or used dog treats
  • Open bags of dog/cat food, or raw hides
  • Toner cartridges, old computers, or computer equipment (mice, keyboards, monitors, printers, etc.)
  • Medications and medical supplies (including syringes) 
  • Pesticide products (including topical or oral flea and tick treatment, flea sprays, powders, or foggers) 
  • Padded dog beds (Kuranda beds are acceptable)
  • Used litter boxes
  • Carpet scraps or floor tiles
  • Human baby items (including strollers, diapers, bedding, clothing, or bottles)
  • Shredded paper or newspaper
  • Old clothing (t-shirts, socks, etc.)
  • Comforters, pillows, pillow cases, sheets, or bed mattresses
  • Curtains or draperies
  • Anything that is broken or has missing pieces
  • Kitchen supplies
  • Cat climbing trees