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Central connecting points, or centers, are areas where major roadways intersect and where it has been deemed appropriate to have non-residential uses, such as stores, offices, medical buildings and other businesses. Centers are areas that are traveled to for daily or weekly errands or for entertainment activities. These areas could also be good locations for higher density housing options which include townhomes and apartments.

As the City continues to grow, what locations around town make sense to have centers? By responding to the questionnaire, please let us know if you agree with the locations of these centers over the next 20 years, or if there are areas that need to be added to the map. Click here to view and respond to the questionnaire.

Existing Conceptual Development Vision

Below is a map of the current identified locations of the centers. 

The circles are the general location of where major roads intersect. The darker blue represents an area where it was projected that development would occur by 2015. The middle blue color is where development has been projected by 2020. Finally, the lightest blue represents where development has been projected to take place by 2030. Some of these centers have not developed and may not develop within the next 20 years. There may be centers where there is a large concentration of non-residential development that are missing from the map. 

Conceptual Development Vision