Planning and Zoning Division


The Planning and Zoning Division implements the policy directives of the Governing Body and City Administration as they relate to the physical, social and economic development of the City.


The community's physical development is managed through the subdivision review and approval process, current and long range planning efforts, land use and transportation planning.

Additionally, the division maintains, monitors and updates the City's Vision 20/20 - Integrated Comprehensive Plan, and provides research and analysis on a wide variety of projects.


The division reviews and carries administrative approval authority for sign permits, special use permits, and home occupation permits. In addition, it carries out residential and commercial plan reviews per the approved zoning regulations.

The division also processes requests for zone map amendments, variances, and conditional use requests. Finally, the division evaluates and prepares recommendations to appeal and special exception applications for review and approval by the Planning and Zoning Board and the Governing Body.

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  1. Brian Babyak, Planning & Zoning Manager


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