Los Diamantes TIDD


The Los Diamantes Tax Increment Development District was established on August 27, 2020 by Resolution No. 82 (Enactment No. 20-081), for the purpose of financing the development of approximately 174 acres in Unit 10 (along Westside Blvd. west of Unser Blvd). The TIDD will support the construction of off-site and system-level infrastructure improvements for the District and surrounding area to include off-site sewer and water systems, off-site drainage and off-site construction of Westside Boulevard.

Formation Resolution



The proposed TIDD is located in Unit 10, along Westside Blvd. west of Unser Blvd. The TIDD’s geographic boundaries are generally described as bounded on the south by Isabel Road SE, on the west by Viga Road SE and on the east by 10TH Street SE. Privately-owned, undeveloped parcels are directly north of the Project.


Steve Perkins, sperkins@rrnm.gov