Fats, Oils, and Grease

FATS, OILS, AND GREASE (FOG) are a costly sewer problem for Rio Rancho, especially during the holiday season. FOG Ad Part 1

Grease and fats that are put down drains or in the toilet solidify and can create “fatbergs” that can clog customer sewer lines and cause raw sewage to back up into homes. Fatbergs can also clog large sewer main pipes, causing overflows of raw sewage onto the city streets.

Flushable and disposable wipes, baby diapers, and feminine hygiene products make the fatbergs more solid; like a rock in some cases.  All of these products, including flushable wipes, should be put into the trash, not down the toilet.

Keep your holiday clean from backups; dispose of FOG in the trash.


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Stop by the Utilities Department (City Hall, Suite 250) or contact Wendell McCall at wmccall@rrnm.gov 

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