Neighborhood Streets Improvement Project

Neighborhood Streets Improvement Project Map


Please click on the map above to view all of the phases of the Neighborhood Streets Improvement Project.

Please note:

Starting December 2019 and continuing through February 2020, the Streets & Right-of-Way Division of the Public Works Department will prepare roadwork for the upcoming phase of the Neighborhood Streets Improvement Project. This project includes repairing up to 10 miles of residential roads (1.67 miles per council district each year) beginning in the Spring (March).

To be more efficient, and to complete the project in a timely manner, large roadway cracks are cut during the winter months (December - February). This pre-work allows the roads crews to come back in the Spring, remove the cut out material, and patch back the area with fresh asphalt mix eliminating the previous crack. The pre-work does not adversely harm the roadway, but does allow the roads crews to be efficient in their patching program as only 6 months a year are conducive to completing these repairs. For additional information regarding the pre-work or the Neighborhood Streets Improvement Project, please contact the Department of Public Works. Thank you for your continued support of this critical program.

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